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2022 Christmas Awards Party

Another fabulous Evening!

Congratulations to all winners and to everyone who helped to make 2022 a fantastic year for the club.

Awards 2022
Review 22

Winter Warriors

Our regular Winter-time hit out at South Bay which is usually conducted as a Duathlon comprising a 2km run/20km cycle/4km run.

We have never stopped some keen warriors swapping the 2km run for an 800m splash around the bay followed by a dash up the path to join the cycle and run legs.

Summer Series

Shek O Beach is where we host our Summer events around once a month. We do a multi-sprint event comprising of a 300m swim, 8km cycle and 2km run repeated 3 times.

It is a great work-out and gives a lot of flexibility for members who might be new to triathlon or those looking to challenge themselves - not to mention those who are looking to reduce their transition time.

Coffee and Muffins

Our Tri Series events are social occasions so we provide coffee and muffins afterwards. It is a great chance to connect and discuss upcoming events around the region and plan trips away together.

Time Trials

We organise both Individual and Team Time Trials on Lantau Island each year. These events are a great chance to gauge your fitness and your speed against some of the best riders in the region.

King and Queen of the Mountains

In Hong Kong you can't get away from hills. Each year we choose some of the most challenging and turn the climbing of them into something to celebrate.

You can read more details here.