Events at a Glance

Training Events 2024

Monday: Dragons Swim?

Tuesday: Dragons Peak / SIRC Hound & Hares

Wednesday: Dragons Running Class Happy Valley

Thursday: Dragons TTTP / SIRC PFLE

See below for explantion of Events.

Sunday 18/02 - TriHK Duathlon - Plover Cove

Saturday 24/02 - Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon

Saturday 23/03 - TriHK World Triathlon Cup - Central

Sunday 24/03 - TriHK World Triathlon Cup - Central

Saturday 6/04 - Dragons 70.3 Training Race 1

Saturday 13/04 - Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon/South Bay Triathlon

Sunday 14/04 - TriHK Duathlon - Po Kong Village Park

Saturday 20/04 - Dragons Summer Series Training Race 1?

Sunday 21/04 - 70.3 Cebu, Lapu-Lapu (PH)

Sunday 05/05 - TriHK Age Group Triathlon - Plover Cove

Saturday 11/05 - Dragons Summer Series Training Race 1 (Note: changed from 04/05)

Sunday 12/05 - IRONMAN 70.3 Danang Vietnam

Saturday 18/05 - Race of Enlightenment

Sunday 26/05 - TriHK Aquathon Tai Po Waterfront Park

Saturday 08/06 - Dragons Summer Series Training Race 2

Sunday 16/06 - TriHK Aquathon Pak Shek Kok Peir

Saturday 22/06 - Dragons 70.3 Training Race 2

Saturday 06/07 - Dragons Summer Series Training Race 3

Sunday 04/08 - TriHK Summer Triathlon Challenge - Plover Cove

Saturday 10/08 - Dragons Summer Series Training Race 4

Saturday 14/09 - Dragons 70.3 Training Race  3

Sunday 15/09 - TriHK Aquathon Championships - Golden Beach

Saturday 05/10 - TriHK Aisa Triathlon Cup

Sunday 06/10 - TriHK Aisa Triathlon Cup

Sunday 06/10 - 70.3 Kenting (TW)

Saturday 19/10 - Dragons Team Time Trial

Saturday 26/10 - Dragons Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Race 2

Saturday 09/11 - Dragons Individual Time Trial

Sunday 10/11 - TriHK Triathlon Championships - Plover Cove

Sunday 17/11 Phuket Tri (TH)

Saturday 30/11 - Dragons 70.3 Training Race  4

Sunday 01/12 - TriHK Duathlon Championships - Plover Cove

Saturday 07/12 TBC – SIRC Peak TT

Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon
This is an awesome 2km run, followed by a 20km bike and finishes off with a 4km run. Short, sharp and fun race at South Bay. Low key and very social. We will make sure there is coffee and muffins to enjoy at the finish. Come and make friends with fellow Dragons.

Dragons 70.3 Training Race  
See how you can perform over a 70.3 half ironman distance triathlon. For those who want to see how their fitness is at the longer distance - this is the regulation 1.9km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1km half marathon run

Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon/South Bay Triathlon
This will all depend upon the weather on the day.  You can choose to compete as  a Duathlon or get wet and do your first Tri of the season.

70.3 DaNang (VN)
A regional event popular with many Dragons

Race of Enlightenment
A popular event on the calendar that sees a healthy turn out for a cycle race from Tung Chung to the Buddah on Lantau.

Dragons Team Time Trial
Get four friends together to compete in a 4-person TT. All male, all female and mixed teams welcome for what is one of the most popular cycling events in HK

70.3 Kenting (TW)

Another popular event for Dragons

November 17
Phuket Tri (TH)
Another hugely popular event for Dragons. This one is often used as a final season ender for triathletes.