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Winter Warriors Traing Race Series 3

posted 14 Apr 2011, 07:35 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 14 Apr 2011, 08:00 ]

Well, well, well….a little bit of sunshine and everyone wants to be a triathlete eh !!!

The last of the Winter Warrior series saw an impressive 25 participants down at South Bay at 6am Saturday morning.

It was a perfect day, with a calm sea and warm sunshine – no more need for those wet suits.


The 2x300m swim, with quite a long transition back along the beach for lap 2, was closely fought out between, Nick, Clinton, the Naked Ape and Kate, but it was Nick-the-fish who emerged first to run up the slope to T1 with less than a minute lead over Clinton. Everyone made it safely to T1 with a few tired faces from those whose first race of the season.


The 4x4km bike leg saw some interesting events, as a few people were getting used to new bikes, peddle clips, or even trying to select the correct gear. So there were a few bikes with a bit less paint on their frames and some people with a bit of road rash for their efforts.


The 6km run saw some wobble legs head off up the hill, except for Clinton, who took off like he’d been jabbed with a cattle prod.

But the South Bay road is a challenging and technical course for both the bike and run, with its twists and turns and ever changing undulations.


But it was a triumphant day with every athlete finishing the race, with Clinton coming home first with a stonking 1:10:52.

Suffice to say the coffee and croissants were warmly received by everyone.


A special congrats to Stephen Dewar, who completed his first ever triathlon on his trusty cast-iron mountain bike.
And also, welcome to all of our new members, we hope you have a great 2011 season with the Dragons tri Club.

And to everyone else, welcome back, stay strong and race strong and make this year your best.

Please click here for WWTR3 Race Results.


The Dragons,
”Thats how we Roll”



HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
14 Apr 2011, 07:38