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Winter Warrior - Race 2

posted 1 Mar 2011, 06:00 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 1 Mar 2011, 06:14 ]

Saturday 12-March will see race 2 of the Winter series where only those of brave heart and strong mind partake. See link below to register.  Suffice to say that of the 17 registered for race 1, it appeared that 5 of them were writing cheques their bodies couldn’t cash, and opted for the warmth of their feathered bed instead of facing the cold grey sea of South Bay.

I cant comment exactly on how cold the swim was, as I stood on the sand watching the others dive into the water and stutter for a moment before putting head down and hammering out to the first buoy in the faint hope of warming themselves up. Ashen faces with blue lips emerged from the first lap, and in grim defiance returned to the cold merciless waves for a second grueling lap. Warriors they were indeed.

Toweled off and onto the bikes, for the 4 x 8km loops of South Bay road, which is technically challenging ride. I decided to join in at this point. I was totally dry and it was a cold ride for me.  The run was shortened from 8km to 6km and the legs, which were pumped from the ride, stiffened quickly in the cold air, making the run quite hard.

The coffee at the end of the race was well received an appreciated, and as colour returned to everyone’s faces, we were at once all chattering about the race and proud of ourselves that we had ticked off the first race of the season. The rest of you who didn’t make it, Slackers!!!!

Winter Warrior Training Race 2 click here to register