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Tour de Taiwan – Part Deux

posted 31 May 2010, 05:39 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
As many of you may know, 13 Dragons headed out to Taiwan in June for a fantastic and demanding bike tour. Since then, some of the riders who did this tour, wish to go again, and cannot wait until next year. Additionally, many members who couldn’t make this tour are anxious to do on a Dragons Bike Tour.
So, as per huge membership request, we have finalised the date for ‘Part Deux’ of the Tour de Taiwan, set for 1-3 October. (note, Friday 1-Oct is an HK public Holiday).
Our friend and partner, Cam at ‘In Motion Asia’, has put the revised itinerary together for us <here>. Note that all prices quoted are in Taiwanese Dollars. But excluding flights, which are about HK$1,600). The 3 day tour will cost about HK$6,000 (depending on exchange rate at time of payment) and this is for the mobile support, accommodation in top class hotels, with all meals included.

IMPORTANT:- Because the cost of the tour is based around the size of the group, it means that if you book and pay and then cancel, it may not be possible to refund you any money, else the rest of the group would have share the overall tour cost (the refund policy is in the attached doc). So, taking this into account, and so that we can both confirm with the tour organizers and get commitment from members in adequate time, (so that you can arrange your work and family schedule well in advance), the confirmation date will be Wednesday 18-August.
If you are interested, please register online <here> so that we can easily collate everyone’s details. You will also see a counter on our main web page showing the number of members interested in this tour.