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Taiwan 70.3 Race Report by Maya Wollin

posted 15 Nov 2011, 19:15 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club


by Maya Wollin

In Taiwan there was a big race what was called Iron Man.  Iron Man was a popular race, because you would be doing 3 things in one race.  There was swimming, biking and running.  First it all started early in the morning at 5:00, we started body marking.  Body marking is where the staff or volunteers mark you number on your body so that's why it's called body marking.  Next came getting ready.  Getting ready means you get some time to put on your wet suit or put on sun screen or even take off your clothes.  Then Dad introduced me to three people to me and mom.  They were called Richard and Paul and Anthony (ANT).  Before ANT came I said, "Paul and Richard and Dad looked like a group of triplets."  But Richard told me that there were 18 or 20 more Dragons (dragons boat).  Next came swimming.  For swiming you need to swim two laps what equaled 1.9 km, what is a lot.  First the pros went to show everybody the good work they could do.  Next, came cycling.  Now cycling was the hardest of IronMan.  For cycling you have to do 90 km, what is more than swimming.  After that came running.  Running was the middle amount of the race.  I had a great time when I ran down finish line with my dad to get the medal.  I thought I had seen the best race ever! 


The end. 

Maya with Dad