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Phuket LPT - Dragons Arrangements

posted 23 Nov 2010, 05:11 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
"Good Luck" to everybody going to compete in this years Laguna LPT triathlon. It is indeed a fabulous race and wonderfully organised in a beautiful location, so go and enjoy the race above all else. Now, organisation for this year as we dont want Dragons wandering aimlessly around. Your 2 contact people out there are Kate Rutherford and Dave Gibb.
Saturday morning at 09:00-09:30am there will a short stretching swim, from the beach by the race start. 9am allows you to have a restful morning with a good breakfast first. After the swim, everyone will rendezvous at 'Y' junction at 10am for a bike ride. Now, 'Y' junction is the race transition area and also where the bike mechanics are, so you should know where this is from your race documentation. The ride will be nothing strenuous, and will take you along part of the bike course and back and probably wont last much more than an hour of easy riding, with a few team photo stops of all of you wearing your Dragons kit - afterall, we have to let the locals and other athletes know that the Dragons are back in town. And you can have the afternoon off to rest, stretch, get massaged, hydrate and sunbathe.
OK, if you have ordered a post race banquet ticket through the Dragons, then Kate will be holding this on your behalf, so you need to ensure you collect from her before the post race banquet, else they wont let you in.  Kate will be at the Pre-Race briefing at 5pm.
The post race banquet is a fantastic event, and the Dragons have reserved about 5 tables so we can all sit together, dont worry, you'll see the tables when you get there. Remember, we have a reputation to live up to, so I need you all to be on your best behaviour....NOT !!!
Race hard, party harder - we are the Hong Kong Dragons and "Thats how we roll"!