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November Newsletter

posted 15 Nov 2010, 06:32 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 15 Nov 2010, 06:57 ]

OK, get your coffee and settle in, this weeks news letter is quite a long, but an entertaining read and don't miss the amazing Oakley offer – enjoy…


Pre-Phuket Race – Results

What a terrific race to end the 2010 race season. And even better when we can share the fun with our fellow competitors, the Triton’s.

We had an astounding 60 athletes on the start line, staring dubiously at a sea that would make Hawaiian surfers get all excited. The start Marshal drew a line in the sand and everyone lined up behind, quiet, tense, nervous! The horn blared, and somewhat tentatively 60 athletes made their way into the water and through the break line of the crashing waves to start the three 250m loops of the challenging swim. Navigation was not easy, as if in the bottom of a swell you could only see an 8 foot wall of water rolling toward you. The swim was tough for any strong swimmer, but was close to impossible for some of the newer triathletes, and a few wisely abstained from doing the 2nd and 3rd loops.

Into T1 and out onto the Bike course for 3 gruelling climbs up the Shek-O road and Cape d’Aguilar, each loop being about 12km. The second and final climb up that long Shek-O hill soon started to spread out the riders (A nicer way of saying “separating the men from the boys”) and it was with pumped quads that everyone came into T2 and slipped into their trainers before trotting out for the 2 loop, 8km course, to Big Wave Bay and back, with that energy sapping climb in the middle of the course.

Finally, the finish line loomed and everyone was welcomed with refreshments and hot sausages to try and replace refuel the tired limbs. It was nice to see members from both teams casually intermingling and talking the race through. At the end of the day, we’re all just ‘triathletes’ and we each know what it took to race through a course as tough as the one they’d just done. Splits were being worked out and weaknesses being assessed for those who were already mentally planning their game plane for the Phuket race.

The end Results and the winning team is at the end on the newsletter and on the Results page. We think everyone, without fail, agreed it was a great race and the idea of the 2 clubs competing at a future date is a must – so keep your eyes peeled onto your clubs 2011 race calendars.


Thank You’s

The Dragon’s Committee would like to extend a huge thanks to our timekeeper (Yvonne) who did an excellent job as always recording times for 60 athletes. We’d also like to equally thank all our Marshals who stood at the danger points on the bike course and made our ride that bit more safe. And we’d like to thank our Dragons father figure and Chef for the Day, Julian, who cooks a mean little sausage and also provided the free drinks afterwards. Without the support of all these people our events cannot be run smoothly or safely, so on behalf of every athlete who raced on Saturday – a big thanks to all of you.


Neil Pryde

For those of you who borrowed a Neil Pryde bike, I hope you enjoyed it. I have bought one and find it a terrific bike (having ridden many). It feels light, rigid and climbs exceptionally well.
We pass on a big ‘Thank you’ to Mike Rice for bringing those bikes down for us, and remind all Dragons that Mike is offering you some great discounts on Frames or complete bike sets. So drop him a line with your requirements, and don’t forget to tell him that you’re a Dragon!  (




Kids Mini-Tri

The first Dragons Kids Mini-Tri took place after the adult event, and we had 14 eager faces lying face down in the sand ready to start their first every Triathlon. So with plenty of adult supervision around, and much encouragement, the whistle went and up they jumped and ran as fast as their little legs could carry them down to the waters edge, where they were supposed to run around the 3 Marshals standing knee deep in the water. But at the first touch of the chilly water on their toes, they turned tail and came running back up the beach, under the Dragons tent and then ran around frantically in all directions, while parents called them, as the kids tried to find their shoes and scooter. With shoes donned the kids were off at breakneck speed along the concourse for 2 laps before throwing their scooter to the floor and running out to do 1 loop of the course. With red faces and a few scratches, they all finished and stood their panting and grinning, with expectant looks on their faces. Arrrh, so what could we do? Well, we got them all back down to the beach and we made them do it all again.

After the second race was over, there was a medal ceremony where committee members of the Dragons club awarded ALL the kids a ‘Winners Medal’, because in our eyes, they were all champions. It was a great success, chaotic, but great and we will most definitely be scheduling a couple of kids mini-Tri’s at future dates. So kids, spread the word, tell your friends, and bring them along for the next Dragons race.



Christmas Party 11-Dec-2010

The Dragons end of year Xmas party is locked and loaded for Saturday 11-Dec. Tickets are $400 each and you get free food and booze all night. The venue is at Bar Veto in Central (corner of Lyndhurst Terrace and Hollywood Road – I’ll send a map out nearer the time) – But we have secured the venue exclusively for us. It also has a lovely outdoor terrace, with BBQ. So please, register today at the link <here> so we can work out numbers, but we will of course accept people on the night and charge them at the door. Last years party was ‘wicked’ and this years party, which is the week after Phuket, should excel, especially as the last race of the season is over, no-one has an excuse not to drink and party like a mad Dragon.



Fantastic Offer on Club Oakley’s

Hey, do we look after you or what! And do we make sure that when you race, you look the best that you can? We’ve provided a full range of training and race clothing. We’ve given you free swim caps and transition bags. We’ve had exclusive Zoggs swim goggles made for the club, and now, we, the Dragons committee offer to you, a pair of exclusive Dragons Oakley Jawbones at only HK$1,300 a pair. It’s a Deal, It’s a Steal, It’s sale of the Century – this is a one-time offer only and closing date is 15-Dec, so please, if you want a pair, click <here> so we know how many to order. We will bill you when they arrive in early Jan. To see what they look like, see below.



Club Winter Kit

OK, summer is over, no more races this year. We can back-off on our training, but train we shall. So to keep you nice and toastie on those cold dark mornings we have our winter kit for sale.

Unfortunately we have no pictures on the web site yet, but we do offer the following:- Long Sleeve Fleece Jersey $450. Long Sleeve Thermo Shield Jersey $500. Windbreaker Jacket $325. Fleece or Lycra Arm warmers $120. Thermal Gloves $175. Fleece or Lycra Leg Warmers $150. Neoprene shoe covers $250. Bandana’s or Caps $50. So drop me a line today at the club info email.

HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
15 Nov 2010, 06:48
HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
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