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Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2015 - everything you need to know...

posted 18 Nov 2015, 20:38 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
Another strong Dragons contingent is venturing down to Phuket for the traditional end of season bash!

We are by now very well known by the organisers, the locals and other athletes in Phuket – although perhaps we are best known, as “The Drunken Dragons” for our post race antics at the awards ceremony. If you’re a veteran you know what to expect, if this is your first time then you really are in for a treat and we would love to see everyone sporting the kit.

So, as has been custom over the past we will be coordinating you over the weekend with the optional activities etc below. If you can join us, that would of course be great – but if you have your own plans re family/friends etc – then bring them too. The more the merrier – we welcome everyone with open arms – it’s the Dragons way.

Before we get started though, we have been hearing from a number of people that Cathay/Dragonair have become more strict with their oversize baggage rule and are telling passengers at the gate that if they have not pre-booked thier oversized baggage, then it will come later ie.your bike! If you are flying Dragonair tell them before your flight that you will have oversized baggage.

Friday, 20 Nov

We have created a Whatsapp! group so if you were around last year and didn’t exit it you are still in it. Committee member Gibbo sent out a test message earlier today. If you did not get it you are not in the group so send your phone number to If you are around and want to see what other Dragons are doing or have plans and want to invite other Dragons, stick it on the chat.

Saturday, 21 Nov

10am – After you’ve had brekkie, we will meet under the banner at the swim start.

We’ll do a light swim, 20-30mins, just to get a feel for currents and marker buoy sighting etc.

Then return to your hotel and get your bike for the next rendezvous….

11:30am – Bike rendezvous at ‘Y’ junction transition area. The free mechanics are also there all day Saturday.
A very leisurely ride out to the top of the first hill on the course at about the 6km mark – we might go 1-2km further, then turn back.

A stop for coffee will definitely be on the cards after this “punishing” ride…

Back at hotels by 1pm for lunch.

Lunch & afternoon is arranged ad-hoc between people during the morning – so as to fit in with individual plans etc. Stick it on the chat

6pm – The pasta party. You have free tickets so go carb up!

Sunday, 22 Nov

Race Day.

Turn up, race hard, go party!

As with last year the committee have rented a small pool villa next door to the locally known ‘Y’ junction transition area.

You are welcome to join us for beer/wine and food (courtesy of us) at any time from 1pm onwards – before we stagger down to the post race Banquet tent for the evening’s festivities. We are at Villa 9 and if you have ordered banquet tickets you can collect them from committee member Dave (Gibbo) Gibb at the party.

When you arrive at the banquet tent, you will see tables reserved for the ‘Drunken Dragons’.