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King of the Mountains

posted 6 Feb 2013, 20:49 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 6 Feb 2013, 20:50 ]

The Dragons are proud to introduce the 2013 “King of the Mountains”.

Introducing another great new initiative, the Dragons are bringing you a KOTM challenge. This is no specific race, but a series of about 10 climb segments (pre-defined on Strava) which any rider can record their time on (using Garmin or iPhone app) anytime between now and Monday 4, November 2013. Hence this is an open challenge for the year allowing you to constantly improve yourself and challenge others on the leader board right up until the deadline date.

After the 4-Nov cut-off date, we will take your fastest time for each climb segment and these will be accumulated into a single ‘Total Time’ and then time ranked accordingly. The fastest overall Total Time being the winner of the 2013 KOTM. Of course, all climb segments must have a time against them. And if you’re caught driving along with your watch held out the window – sorry, you’ll be DQ’d.  And if you feel the need to draft, then by all means, go ahead, Drafting is allowed. 
There will be custom Dragons winners jerseys for both male and female – and you do have to be a club member to win the jersey – although anyone is welcome to participate in the KOTM Challenge.


The climbs you will need to tackle in the KOTM are:-

1.      Adventist-Matilda

2.      Adventist to top of Mount Austin

3.      Nam Fung

4.      Repulse Bay Road

5.       Stanley Gap Road

6.      Shek-O Hill (to the large car park about 1km over the top)

7.      Mount Butler – right to the top where the ARAP building is.

8.      Tai Tam Hill

9.       Mount Davis Path (from Sandy Bay to the YMCA)

10.  The Beast (this is the climb out of Tung Chung, you’ll record a time when you cycle that route to the Buddha)