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Dragons April Newsletter

posted 19 Apr 2012, 20:32 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

Winter warrior Series – Race 3 Results

The last of this tri-series was less of a winter warrior and more a first day of spring race as the weather turned warm and the sea was cool and perfectly calm as Gibbo started the race (about 100m from the sea edge!) and the 15 of us charged down the beach for the first of 2 laps around the bouys, with a long run back along the beach before the second swim lap.

The bike course, which is highly technical with its twists and turns and constant undulations, means you’re constantly working hard and dancing through the gear shifts and the 18km, 4 lap course tests the legs well before heading out onto the 4km run.

Olivier Courrett was series champion, having clearly dominated each of the 3 races – congratulations.

As always, the post race coffee and muffins were well received and the post race social chit-chat lasted almost as long as the race itself. Great fun had by all – can't wait for the much loved Summer Series to kick-off on 19-May.

ITT - Race 1

A date change has moved this race to Saturday 28-April.
This is a FREE event and is the first of 2 Individual Time Trials and is a terrific race which has gained in numbers every year. The course is the usual format of 2x24km loops and everyone will set out at 30second intervals, with the slowest rider first and fastest last. As this is an ITT, it means Drafting is not allowed. Any riders will be disqualified if seen Drafting (ie; within 6 bike lengths of the rider in front).

Also, the famous Dragons yellow jersey is up for grabs, for both Male and Female winners – currently held by:

Men - Jon Adair in 1:13:31 with an average of 39.17kph

Women – Trilby White in 1:26.03 with an average of 33.47kph

Meet in Disney hotel car park at 06:00am, race start is 06:30am.
NB: Only Dragons members are entitled to win the Yellow Jersey.

Inaugural “Show Your Jersey Ride”

Unfortunately, this new social ride is being postponed due to bad weather.

The idea of this HK Island ride is to get as many Dragons as possible riding together and all in Dragons jerseys, so basically a massive display of our club colours. The ride is planned to take us to Shek-O and finish back at the top of Mount Austin at ‘Governors Park’ where the intention is to be greeted by our better halves and kids and have a social picnic on the lawn up there and let the kids charge around – hence the need for some more pleasant weather, Anyways – I’ll keep you posted, but it would be great if you could attend this event and bring your family/partner along to meet us all at the end.

Summer Series – Race 1
Oh yes, the famous Summer Series starts with race 1 on 19-May......yeeeehaaaarrrrrr.

But this year..... there is a difference....

For the first time ever, the Summer Series Training Races will contribute toward a league table which will run across the 6 events from May to October.

Each race is made up of the usual 3 heats, in the usual format of 300m Swim, 8km Bike and 2k run. Your time from each Heat is recorded and you also have an cumulative time for all the Heats. For each Race, the place ranking is then worked out as:-

· The lowest cumulative time across 3 races

· The lowest cumulative time across 2 races

· The lowest cumulative time across 1 race

The league table will Accumulate Race times in above format from once race to the next across the 6 races.

This means there are a total of 18 Heats (6 Races x 3 Heats per Race).

Given that it is difficult for everyone to commit to all 6 Races, due to work & family factors, summer holidays etc...we will take the times from your fastest 15 Heats and use these 15 times to calculate the overall standings in the League table.

We will also ‘endeavour’ to put you into the standard triathlon gender and age categories.

Unfortunately, if we try and publish the League Table after each event there will inevitably be some disparity in overall rankings as and when members miss an Race.

So we can only get a true round up of rankings after the final race of the series – but I think if we did publish the League Table after each race, you’d all plague us with emails to ask how your position is compared to your nearest nemesis.

So, publish we shall, the Ranking updates after each event – and we will flag the number of races attended – that way you can see ‘roughly’ how you’re doing.

But again, you’ll only see the true and final Ranking positions after Race 6 in October. But hey, it's all part of the fun eh!

Also, we’ll ensure we have some suitable prizes for Top Male and Female finishers.

And we’ll also include some prizes for age group finishers.

Summer Series Race Dates:







Plover Cove 6-May
Sunday 6-May sees the ‘HK Tri Assoc’ Olympic and Sprint triathlon up in Plover Cover. A great annual event, although a very challenging bike course.

Registration is now open and fills up quickly, so get onto the link below asap. Also, if you want to join the HK Tri A and race for the Dragons club (which, of course, the committee would very much appreciate) then you can print off the attached Registration form which has already had the Dragons club chop added to it and you can fill this in and post it off to ‘HK Tri A’ with you cheque.


Attached is the Order Form for some fantastic products offered to the Dragons at a great discount – which no triathlete can do without.
Please complete the attached order form, make your payment transfer and email both to us at

See you all out there soon.


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HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
19 Apr 2012, 20:32
HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
19 Apr 2012, 20:32
HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
19 Apr 2012, 20:32