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Dragons - King of the Mountains - 2013

posted 14 Nov 2013, 17:33 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

Afternoon all,


What a challenge this has been with an amazing 56 people up on the board.

For those of you who ride regularly, the times have been constantly dropping, demonstrating that we are all getting stronger on our bikes.

So this challenge has achieved its goals of being a fun and competitive challenge to participate in and simultaneously improve everyone’s cycling during 2013.

The question is – how much faster will we all be at the end of 2014’s KOTM challenge???


Quite a few people have now completed 11 segments and many are on 10 or 9.

Thus, I've colour coded as Gold, Silver, Bronze for 11 to 9 segments respectively and individually ranked within each band – make sense?


But I feel that each of you still have more to give. I feel you are on the cusp of some extraordinary times, which we all need to see.

And so, to this end, we are going to extend the 2013 KOTM to midnight, Sunday 30-Nov.

This gives you an extra 3 weeks to get out there and show us your best.
For those who have not done all 11, then get out there and tick the box on those missing segments.

I’m sure we are all looking at other names on the (attached) Leader Board thinking…”I’m faster than that person surely’ !


The final results will only be made available at the Dragons/SIRs annual Christmas party on Saturday 14-Dec.

So you will need to attend, enjoy the party and see who the surprise riders are of 2013 – as I’m pretty sure, some of us are being crafty and have not been posting our latest times!!!


Now get out there and ride like you’ve never ridden before.

You are the Hong Kong Dragons…………and this is how we roll.



Here is the link to the latest KOTH Results spreadsheet: