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A Worthy Home for your Old Kit

posted 6 Oct 2013, 18:07 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
Fellow Dragons,

I am certain that living in Asia, you are aware of the fantastic opportunity that we have to make a difference in the lives of those who often live around us. Sometimes we can do it in ways that take very little effort on our part but have great ramifications for others.

This is one of those opportunities. 

Nick Langford of the SIR Cycling Yahoo Group has been working on a scheme to allow Hong Kong based riders to donate any surplus riding kit you have to a worthy cause in Asia. Here is Nick's email about this.

Well as so often happens a solution to a problem comes out of an innocent chat over coffee after a ride. I hadn't had much luck on the internet; and other pointers sort of lead me out of Asia and I really thought we should aim at Asia if we could.

Turns out one of our new SIRs - Rowdie - has just the sort of connections in Cambodia that can make use of pretty much we think any and all of our old kit and [serviceable] equipment, bikes, spares etc etc.

I will volunteer to co-ordinate and I can store gear here to some extent although bikes will need to be stored in my car park - which is safe enough and under cover. 

If we have whole bikes I am guessing that the easy way is to transport in boxes so it would be good if you could break down and pack bikes but leave the boxes open...that way we could drop in extras. If you have bike bags and cases that are surplus of course that would be awesome.

Rowdie has been in Cambodia I think for a couple of years prior to HK and whilst there rode with the locals including the national team members - in fact he was competing with them against SIRCycling last year in Bintan. But we won't hold that against him! In his words "anything in decent condition that people are willing to give up would be used" and this would include MTB bikes and equipment too as well as road bike stuff. And the great advantage that Rowdie has is that he can direct our kit to where it is definitely needed and avoid middle men who would likely skim off the best bits and pieces.

So what can you do? Hunt through your wardrobe and storage boxes for that old gear that is perhaps past its best but you'd rather be in the latest SIRkit...jerseys, shorts, bibs, socks, shoes that you think have some life in them but aren't shiny and white anymore. maybe even a rainjacket - it must rain in Cambodia? Bikes that you can't find a home for, old wheel sets, tyres, tubes, pumps, handlebar tape that looked good on Wiggle but now you think is a bit garish. Pedals and cassettes that you have upgraded but aren't worn out. Saddles that you've used once or twice but aren't quite right. The stem that your bike fitter said was too short. Or too long. Those Oakleys that are just soooooo 2012. Maybe you have extra sets of allen keys or your wife bought you a brand new multi tool set for your birthday making your old one a bit surplus to requirement. And when you bought that last bike with cheap alloy clinchers that you took off immediately and replaced with $$$ carbon - they'll do as well.

You get the picture. What's more your wife/husband/partner/Mum will love you even more for the de-cluttering!

Transportation. Now that may be tricky but we must have some SIRs out there who may be able to offer help. Let's see how much we get and maybe we need to find some way of sharing part of a container (now that's positive thinking isn't it?) - so if you hear of somebody moving down there pipe up! In anycase I will put out some feelers and see if we can find somebody to "sponsor" this element.

There is also some racing down in Cambodia which is well-organised and accessible. The next race is later this month - if you Google Thansur Bokar you will find it - but Rowdie says they happen reasonably regularly...perhaps we should get down there and partake sometime? Apparently it is hilly!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and see some of you next week I am sure on the roads, if not there on Strava!

SIR Nick.