Summer Series Competition

One of the unique aspects of the Dragons is that every month we organise mini-races for club members. Known as the Summer Series, there are a series of 7 races which comprise 6 Summer Series Mini-triathlons and then a final Pre-Phuket Training Event (named as it is perfect prep for the popular Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand)

For those who compete in these events, there are points awarded for both performance and consistency. (See details of all our events here:

The male and female winner of each Summer Series takes 10 points, while the person who comes second takes nine, all the way down to 10th place getting one point!. This means there are potentially 30 points available at each of the six events for the fast triathletes but also plenty of opportunity to amass points with consistent attendance across the summer.

To finish the series off we have the pre-Phuket training event in November and this comes with double points - so 20 for the winners down to 2 if you’re tenth.  The winners will be revealed as the triathletes of the year at our annual party.