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First Dragons ITT of 2017- Clatworthy breaks the all-time record!

posted 10 Mar 2017, 20:47 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 10 Mar 2017, 21:22 ]
Cool and overcast conditions greeted us for the first Dragons ITT of the year - but the real story was the wind! Indeed, it was probably one of the windiest days we have seen for this early season 48km ITT race and it was the talk of the post-race banter. 

While there was a lovely tailwind up the hill towards the service road (Cheung Tung Road), that was where any wind benefit ended. There were buffeting sideways winds all the way up to the turnaround point, and once the turn was made, it was pretty miserable all the way back to Disney, with an estimated 30-40km/h headwind all the way back along Cheung Tung Road.

This race always attracts an impressive field, and this year was no different, with 23 riders lining up at the start. Henrik Pedersen (who led almost the entire way at the last ITT in November) and Andrew Sharkey (another ITT regular) were both in racing fit form with Cape Epic round the corner, and the never to be discounted Paul Wright (3rd in November), James King (for only the second time in his life riding a TT bike), Thomas Batt and Damian Barrett (making a comeback!) were also in attendance. There were also some new faces too, with the hugely impressive relative newcomer, Matthew Pears putting an appearance and almost pulling off a shocking upset!

The ladies also produced a decent contingent. Female course record holder Yann Kai Oh was ready to impose herself on the field, while also Mary Ho and Cora van Laer, also proclaimed they were ready to put the marker down on their early season form.

But it was Fred Clatworthy that took the race in truly emphatic fashion. It is sometimes easy to slip into hyperbole, but in truth to win this race against this field would have been impressive enough. Clatworthy not only was the fastest man on the course, he won in extremely difficult racing conditions - and by taking the course record, which was last set in November in a far more benign racing environment - proved that he is still racing at a different level. Not only that, but he was also the first across the line, even though, thanks to his customary 'just in time' approach to racing, started 2 minutes after the rest of the field were already off.

Special mention should also go to Matthew Pears. Starting to make an appearance on the scene, he is a talent to watch. He managed to hold Fred off for most of the race and was only passed in the final lap of this 3-course loop. Another great talent emerges in the the 852!

So massive congratulations to Fred for a stonking win and a new course record (which I think will take some beating now), and of course to everyone else who took part.

And major gratitude goes to Pat Gorta for marshalling and physically stopping traffic at the turnaround, making sure everyone was safe!

Times are below. (Strava times take precedence, otherwise I have used times given to me. Send through any amendments to (Segment:

1. Fred Clatworthy           1.08.05 - NEW COURSE RECORD!!
2. Matthew Pears             1.12.09
3. James King                  1.13.12
4. Damian Barrett             1.17.08
5. Andrew Sharkey          1.17.41
6. Thomas Batt                1.18.36
7. Paul Wright                  1.18.52
8. Olivier Baillet               1.20.13
9. Bill Fok                        1.23.47
10. Dave Gibb                 1.23.58 (no Strava time on the segment)
11. Yann Kai Oh              1.24.28 
12. Tom Wright                 1.26.18
13. Ross Milward             1.26.43 (no Strava time on the segment)
14. Robert Kushner          1.29.04
15. Liam Bolger                1.30.16
16. Jan Walter                   1.32.34
17. Adrian Lydiard             1.32.45
18. Mary Ho                      1.35.05
19. Chris Lillingston-Price 1.40.52
20. Ahmad al-Dardiry       1.55.36

Liam Cohen-Ruhle No time recorded
Henrik Pedersen DNF
Cora van Laer     DNF