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Fantastic Pre-Phuket Race to finish Summer Series

posted 14 Nov 2014, 21:32 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
It was a fantastic morning in Shek O for the traditional hit out to ensure Dragon's Travelling to Phuket are well prepared for the event. Apart from a surf rescue for "Lucy the dog" who followed her owner Dave Gibb out to the far buoy and struggled to make it back in, all had a great morning in the lumpy swell but great roads cooled by a stiff Monsoon breeze. 
Luke Wimbush joined us for the first time this season to show us how to race his "backyard". Other strong performances were put in by "Full Time Triathlete Paul Wright and Simon Porter. Don't get too hung up on the great time of flying Mary Eckstein as she needed to take a few shortcuts to attend a PD Session at School. Make of the results what you will. They are all here: