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Dragons Winter Warriors 2 Results

posted 16 Apr 2016, 21:14 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 19 Apr 2016, 06:55 ]
A great morning out was had by all in slightly overcast conditions on the challenging South Bay Road course. The traditional duathlon/triathlon we hold every April is always an exciting format, as the swimmers who are brave enough to dive into the still cold waters, get to do a 200m swim leg at the same time as the runners go off on the 2km run leg, before both groups meet for the 20k bike, before finishing it off with a 4km run. 

Of the eight brave souls who started the race, three were swimmers and five runners including Olivier Courret who opted to stand on the beach giving him a 300m disadvantage so he could flag both groups off, before charging back up onto the road to catch the runners.

The swim group were strong led by Dave 'Gibbo' Gibb, Adrian Lydiard, and new member Pete Frazer. On the run Sheel Kohli, Nick Kearns, Paul 'Boomer' McMahon and Mary Ho were on the line with Olivier chasing behind.

The pace was fast from the start with Nick Kearns being the first to get to the top of the hill on the run, chased down by Sheel Kohli and the rest of the field, but the swimmers were even faster, a good 500 meters before the runners hit the first transition, the swimmers were already out the water and on their bikes, led by Gibbo, Adrian and Peter. The race was on now for the runners to catch the swimmers on their bikes!

The South Bay course is never easy as it consistently rolls with no flat sections at all, and to make things even more complicated a set of temporary traffic lights half way up. These lights have to be navigated 10 times and as always safety is paramount, with competitors choosing to obey the traffic signals (very wise!), but inevitably slowing down the riders and allowing those on the chase to make some ground.

This ended up making the race even more exciting. Gibbo was leading from the front, but was slowly seeing his lead getting eaten away by Nick Kearns and Sheel Kohli as they passed first Pete Frazer and then Adrian Lydiard (who had to cut his bike short because of a spoke that came loose and opted to walk back to the transition area, before getting onto the run). 

In the meantime Olivier Courret was charging up from behind chasing and then eventually passing Sheel Kohli and coming into the transition area at the same time as race leader Gibbo Gibb, and Nick Kearns. This was where transition skills were on full display. Courret was dismounted, into his trainers and out of his helmet in no time and was the first into the final run with Nick Kearns not far behind with Gibbo behind him and Kohli in hot pursuit. Kohli managed to overhaul Gibbo and Kearns on the run but Courret proved too good. Storming into the finish a good 300 metres ahead of Kohli, followed by Kearns and Gibbo.

Great day had by all and for the full results see attached (please swap the 'swim times' for Courret, Kohli, Kearns, McMahon and Mary Ho for their run times)  
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HK Dragons Triathlon Club,
16 Apr 2016, 21:14