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Dragons/SIRs Annual Christmas Party

posted 12 Dec 2016, 06:04 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
Lots of fun and frolics at the annual party, which we traditionally share with our friends the SIRs. Lots of serious and not so serious awards handed out on the night to both Dragons and SIRs. There are lots of pictures on the Facebook page here:

Male Dragon of the Year: Paul Wright
Female Dragon of the Year: Yann Kai Oh

Male Most Improved Dragon of the Year: Adrian Lydiard
Female Most Improved Dragon of the Year: Cora Van Laer

Dragons King of the Mountains: Olaf Kasten
Dragons Queen of the Mountains: Yann Kai Oh

Male winner of the Grand Tours Award: Kris Guns
Female winner of the Grand Tours award: Wynnie Fung

Male winner of the Monuments Award: Rupert Griffiths
Female winner of the Monuments award: Jane Griffiths

Male Winner of the Rouleurs Award: Nick Adamus
Female winner of the Rouleurs Award: Jane Griffiths

Male KOM Challenge Winner: Andrew Sharkey
Female KOM Challenge Winner: Tani Burge

Male ITT Champion: Mike Maiers
Female ITT Champion: Christina Hudson

SIRs Rookie of the Year: Guy Thomas
Dragons Male Rookie of the Year: Paul Stanley
Dragons Female Rookie of the Year: Tani Burge

Secret Training Award: Olaf Kasten
Batman & Robin Award: James King and Paul Redmayne-Mourad
Most Likely to get Chicked Award: James Vincent
Last person you want to get stuck with when he has a puncture: Simon Porter
First Person you want to get stuck with if you have a puncture: Mary Ho

Most Excuses not to train: Pat Gorta
Off the Island Dragon: Darlene Goode
Earliest Rising Dragon: Paul Wright
Bikes Hard and Drinks Hard Award: Kris Guns

Beer Mile male winner: Paul Wright
Beer Mile female winner: Anata Zhang
Swimmer of the Year: Yann Kai Oh
Longest rides of the Year: Justin Baldacchino

What's Strava? Award: Christina Hudson
Most Strava Bike KMs: James King (13700kms)
Fastest Man over 50: Nick Adamus
Dragons Kenyan Running Award: Sheel Kohli (2100kms)

Fastest female Descender: Yann Kai Oh
Fastest male Descender: James King
Total Immersion Award: Olivier Baillet (for swimming 500,000 Strava metres)

Running Woman Dragon: Mary Eckstein
Crazy/Hard as Nails Dragon: Sheel Kohli
Wounded in the Service of Duty Award: Henrik Pedersen

Best Triathlete over 50: Paul 'Boomer' Mcmahon
Confused Sport Award: David 'Gibbo' Gibb