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Dragons King of the Mountains competition 2016

posted 12 Dec 2016, 22:43 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club
Congratulations to Olaf Kasten and to Yann Kai Oh for winning this year's the annual Dragon's King of the Mountains Competition. It was particularly hard fought this year with the top slot in the male competition changing hands a few times as Kris Guns and Olaf duked out on the climbs of Hong Kong. 

We also introduced for the first time this year a series of sub-categories, which took all the segments and subdivided them into three separate competitions. Aptly named the Rouleurs, the Grand Tours and the Monuments. it meant more of us were able to compete for top honours in the competition. 

Final Results below and for the full results, and to see how you did, click here: To familarise yourself with the rules again, see the KOM page

Dragons King of the Mountains: Olaf Kasten
Dragons Queen of the Mountains: Yann Kai Oh

Male winner of the Grand Tours Award: Kris Guns
Female winner of the Grand Tours award: Wynnie Fung

Male winner of the Monuments Award: Rupert Griffiths
Female winner of the Monuments award: Jane Griffiths

Male Winner of the Rouleurs Award: Nick Adamus
Female winner of the Rouleurs Award: Jane Griffiths

Male KOM Challenge Winner: Andrew Sharkey
Female KOM Challenge Winner: Tani Burge