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Dragons Annual Awards 2015

posted 13 Dec 2015, 23:51 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 14 Dec 2015, 00:21 ]
Congratulations to all those Dragons who picked up awards at the Christmas party this year. Full awards below (some names ommitted due to privacy policy):

Dragon of the Year 2015 (male) - Simon Porter
Dragon of the Year 2015 (female) - Yann Kai Oh

King of the Mountains 2015 - Justin Baldacchino
Queen of the Mountains 2015 - Yann Kai Oh
Challenge King of the Mountains winner - Andrew Sharkey

48km Individual Time Trial Winner (male) - Kris Guns
48km Individual Time Trial Winner (female) - xxxx

Most Improved Dragon (male) - Phil Gann
Most Improved Dragon (female) - Yvonne McMahon

Rookie of the Year (male) - Kris Guns
Rookie of the Year (female) - Cora Van Laer

Track King - Dave 'Gibbo' Gibb
Can't Stop Talking Award - Paul 'Boomer' McMahon
Happy Go Jolly Dragon - Jarrad Brownlee
Surprise Triathlete Award - Henrik Pedersen
Wounded in the Service of Duty Award - Kris Guns 
Totally Committed Award - Gareth Hirst
Crazy/Hard as Nails/Absent Dragon - Clinton Leong
Spinning Dragon - Justin Baldacchino
Running Woman Dragon - Charlotte Henry
Running Man Dragon - Sheel Kohli
Total Immersion Prize - Olivier Courret
Female Drag-Ons of the Year - Simon Porter & Paul Wright
Dragon Kenyan Running Award - Yvonne McMahon
Honorary Dragon of the Year - Jane Griffiths
Kept Threatening to Join the Dragons Award - Rupert Griffiths
Best Triathlete You Never Knew - Andrew Sharkey
Excuse - a - Dragon - Pat Gorta
Secret Training Award - Olivier Courret