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Second Winter Warriors a lot of fun

posted 8 Mar 2019, 20:49 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

Nine Dragons enjoyed great Duathlon conditions, apart from little bit of breeze, out on the South Bay Road course this morning. 

At the front of the field Paul Wright was relatively unchallenged and looked strong all the way to a convincing win in a time of 1:09:24. Great time for the 2/20/4 course. 

Other strong performers were Christian Wyborn and Sheel Kohli.

Of course the main event is the coffee and muffins that follow and those were clearly enjoyed by all.

Results are below. See you at the ITT on April 6.

Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon

posted 2 Feb 2019, 02:06 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 2 Feb 2019, 04:00 ]

In hindsight, it was not the wisest decision to hold the first Dragons Winter Warriors event of the Year at the weekend before the Lunar New Year. It meant that there were depleted numbers on show today, with only four starters out of the massed ranks of Dragons who usually do this race. Seems most were either off on holiday, or committed elsewhere. We did however have an additional late entrant and a couple of spectators who also made it down to cheer us on, and even a marshall to keep us safe.

It was perfect conditions for a run-bike-run. The temperature was 18 degrees, dry and overcast, with pollution levels mercifully low.

With no timing device today as the ever reliable iPad app we use was not available, detailed stats are not included in this race report, but the rankings are below. 

Special mentions to Paul 'no longer full time athlete' Wright for taking the honours of the 2km run-20km bike- 4km run and a warm welcome to new Dragon Gerald Posthuma, who put on an impressive display, coming back from last position to take third slot on the final run. A very special thanks to Cora Van Laer who interrupted her 100k ride to shiver at the top of South Bay Road to block the traffic.


Paul Wright
Sheel Kohli
Gerald Posthuma
Adrian Lydiard
Jeff Parker (bike only)

Thanks also to the wonderful Vernette Lydiard for being our most regular spectator and Phil Gann for making an appearance at the start to wave us off and accompany us on the first lap of the bike leg.

It's great to get the season started again!

Tough Swim but Good Pre-Phuket Race at Shek O

posted 9 Nov 2018, 21:30 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

It was not a swim for the feint-hearted so kudos to Yann Kai and others who have recently taken up swimming and had to brave a swell to keep the surfers happy this morning.

In spite of the rough swim, the conditions were great for getting out there and doing a "dress rehearsal" for the main event in Phuket. 

Ryan Kemp is certainly looking hard to beat and, given that the conditions at Phuket are likely to be a little more to her liking swim-wise, Yann Kai Oh will be giving a lot of the ladies a run for their money. 

Results below. Apologies if some are a little muddled. A number of athletes had to leave early. 

Pears smashes the Dragons ITT for the men's Yellow Jersey & Hudson survives a stiff challenge for the women

posted 3 Nov 2018, 23:45 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 4 Nov 2018, 15:58 ]

Overcast and wet conditions did not dampen the enthusiasm for the second and final instalment of the Dragons ITT competition for 2018. 
In a format where the fastest time wins, and you get two races during the course of the year to give it a go, there is a natural tension for the winners of the first race. Ryan 'Big South African' Kemp and Christina 'Canadians are all good' Hudson, with times of 1.13.48 and 1.20.26 respectively, became natural targets, particularly as this was the last chance for anyone to stake their claim to this year's Dragons Yellow Jersey.
And there seemed to be plenty who felt they were in with a shot. In the men's race, the big guns of the triathlon and the bike racing scene showed up. The men not to be messed with included Peter 'here's hoping' Hope, newcomer Alex 'TALL' Stopps, Mat 'I'll swim round the Island later' Pears, James 'please no puncture' Sutton, Rob 'Kona' Turnbull, Andrew 'battered but not broken' Sharkey, Chris 'dangerman' Liu and Jacky 'surprise package'  Leung, While the women's field included Jenny 'I swim best' Barbour, new comer Bessa Odendahl, stalwart Karen 'Veen' Fairley and of course one of the strongest women amateur cyclists in Hong Kong this year, Wynnie 'best Halloween costume' Fung. All were capable of grabbing the yellow, and although all professed modesty about their chances pre-race, it was clear that the incumbents would need to worry given the strength of the field that assembled on the start line on Magic Road
In the men's race, Kemp was not leaving anything to chance and was back to make sure he gave a good account of himself, but in the women's race, a trip abroad meant that Hudson could not attend to protect her position.
The odds of an upset were additionally shortened by the fact that the weather - at 20 degrees - was particularly cool for this early phase of a Hong Kong autumn. Another factor in favour of an upset were the sheer numbers - we had 35 racers show up, in what was record attendance, and an indicator of just how popular this race has become.
Setting off at 30 second intervals kept drafting to a minimum, but it did not matter - the speeds from the start were very high from almost everybody
The last set of riders to leave in particular, definitely had designs on victory. Firstly, in the women's race, last to leave Fung was right in front of all competitors by the middle of the first lap of this two lap course, having eaten up all the slower men as she whizzed by. In the men's race it was more complicated, as some of the earlier starters proved to be very strong, and difficult to catch., while at the back a battle was ensuing among the strong men of the peloton.
Maybe that was the reason that in the end we saw such fast times. The Individual Time Trial is a race where not only do individuals heap pressure on themselves to keep the speeds high - if it ain't hurting it ain't working - but mentally unless you left last you know someone is always chasing and if you were the last to leave, you are the hunter and the rest are the hares!
In the women's race, Fung had to contend with the fact that  she was well in front by 14km of this 48km course, which with no one else to chase, meant that she may have naturally and sub-consciously succumbed to a slowing and conservation of energy, that proved costly in the end.
In the men's race there would be no such luxury. Leung actually became the race leader and was the first to cross the line after 48km, in a display of raw speed and power, but he was by no means the fastest.
The relentless chasing meant that Pears, Kemp & Stopps were moving the quickest round the course. Leaving second to last, Kemp seemed to be traversing the field fastest from the start, moving rapidly through the field by the middle of the first lap, though not able to overhaul a resolute Pears who was almost literally flying round the course, and actually accelerated at the end. Apart from needing to keep Pears in his sights, the other issue Kemp had to deal with was a stubborn Stopps, who started way ahead of both of them, and was not letting either catch him.
Another surprise factor, which was probably on Stopps' mind, was a resilient Sharkey, who surprised everyone (or at least me) by producing unmitigated power levels, that put some of his usual competitors in some relative shade. Indeed, even Stopps couldn't catch Sharkey in what was a virtuoso performance from him.
Great performances were also put in by Hope and Sutton - both part of new HK racing team, Fry Group Unfound - who on this performance look like they can really shake up the Asian cycling racing scene in the future
All this meant that in the men's race, not only did Pears pull out a huge 1.09.11 - and become the only man to go below 1.10 in the ITT this year, but Kemp's time of 1.10.28 was a full 3 minutes faster than his first ITT this year, but still not enough to grab the top spot on the podium.
While in the women's race, though Fung put together a huge performance, clocking a moving time on Strava of 1.20.51, she was an agonising 25 seconds short of Hudson's earlier time.
So a huge congratulations goes to Mat 'Pearsy' Pears and Christina 'don't ask me that at 5am' Hudson for a fine victory and are winners of the 2018 Dragons yellow jersey. Full placings below. Strava times take precedence unless otherwise stated. A special thanks also to the marshalls on the course Chris Gunns and Florian Schneider.

Mat Pears - 1.09.11
Ryan Kemp - 1.10.28
Alex Stopps - 1.11.02
Peter Hope - 1.11.23
James Sutton - 1.12.46
Henrik Pedersen - 1.13.13
Tom Batt - 1.13.28
Andrew Sharkey 1.13.37
Philippe Cosentino - 1.13.54
Chris Liu - 1.15.03
Dan Betteridge - 1.15.07
Jules Doyle - 1.16.06
Jacky Leung - 1.16.14
Rob Turnbull - 1.16.25
Dom Edmondson - 1.17.13
Rupert Griffiths - 1.17.17
Chi Cheung - 1.17.31
Jeremy Borne - 1.17.50
Wynnie Fung - 1.20.51 - FIRST FEMALE
Guy Thomas - 1.22.15
Rob Van Veen - 1.23.13
Antoine Chenevier - 1.23.22 (segment not recorded on Strava)
Jenny Barbour - 1.23.56 (time not on Strava)
Adrian Halkes - 1.25.19
Karen Fairley - 1.25.50
Andy Jepps - 1.27.03
Bessa Odendaal - 1.27.46
Nick Kearns - 1.28.33
Yves Klenk - 1.28.33
Julian Trott - 1.28.44 (time not on Strava)
Ric Shadforth - 1.29.53
Gareth Hirst - 1.30.48 (segment not recorded by Strava)
Moray Taylor-Smith 1.35.05 (segment not recorded by Strava)
Laurent Rosfelder - 1.45.17

Dan Faulkner - DNF


Challenging Swim but a great morning

posted 13 Oct 2018, 00:40 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 13 Oct 2018, 02:00 ]

The cooler weather around at the moment makes it much more pleasant to take part in a Triathlon and the field that assembled at Shek O Beach this morning will testify to this!

Whilst the breeze was fantastic, it did produce some challenging surf to swim in which suited the stronger swimmers in the group. As always some good competition at different stages of the field and a great morning out for all in a welcome visit to a post Typhoon Mankhut Shek O beach which is clearly still suffering. 

Results and some photos below:

Great Timing for SSTR5

posted 16 Sep 2018, 07:03 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

I need to touch wood when I say we are jagging the right days this year to hold the Summer Series Training Races as SSTR5 was the day prior to the day that saw some real devastation at Shek O beach. 

Whilst we missed this, we did have an incident with a member new to the Summer Series having a rather serious accident as result of taking evasive measures to avoid a young child running out on the road. For this reason, the results of Race 3 are a bit of a mess. We had more serious concerns for the safety of a member on our minds. 

Results below:

What a great swim!! - SSTR4

posted 18 Aug 2018, 02:27 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

The best thing about having a week of rain is that the seas are usually beautiful and calm following the rain and this morning did not disappoint!

The full "dirty dozen" contingent showed for the event although the fastest man on the course was a little delayed due to having consumed a little too much good red wine last night. No-one apart from him was complaining as it gave the rest of us a chance to "claim a podium".

As per usual, there were some great individual efforts and some hard fought battles out on the course. Check out the full results below which might not mean as much to those who did not partake as some swapped the swim for another run. (Their loss as it was fantastic in the water!) Others skipped some legs or shortened as required. It is a Training Race so that's how we roll!

We are all looking forward to the next race on September 15th.

Rough Conditions but we still Managed to Race!

posted 14 Jul 2018, 01:14 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

I have to admit to having to be convinced to head to Shek O beach this morning through the heavy rain showers with a thunderstorm warning in force to hold and take part in the third of the summer series training races. I felt a bit vindicated when I arrived to bands of rain sweeping the beach as the brave crew of Dragons began arriving. 
Hats off to the field of 8 registrants as it was on of the few times I remember when 100% of those registering turned up to race.
We modified the Triathlon to 2 laps of the swim course followed by 2 laps of the run course and ended up doing this twice.
You can see the results below.
Big Thanks to Gibbo who turned up to time both races on a very wet and windy morning. 

Dragons and Dragonettes sweep Dragons Team Time Trial

posted 22 Jun 2018, 23:44 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 23 Jun 2018, 01:21 ]

A record turnout, a new record and the Dragons won!  It is not often in our races that we can say that the Dragons swept the field, but Team Time Trials (TTT) are as much about consistency and pacing as they are about just raw speed.The old cliche of you are as strong as your weakest link holds true in this format more than any other and so it proved today. Those who train and race together the most proved to be the most effective in working as a team.

Of course, as with all our TTTs, this one almost didn't happen. Because we hold them in late June - the start of the Hong Kong rainy season - there is always a risk with the weather. Last year we postponed and the year before there was carnage as the wet conditions wiped out almost half the field. Indeed, in the few days before this year's race, we had been consistently peppered with thunderstorm warnings, amber rain alerts and bursts of rain gusts, which would have made the course extremely treacherous. However a wise decision to make a final call on the morning of the race proved prescient. The rain cleared, small gaps of blue began to appear between the clouds early Saturday morning, and at 5am we called the race on.

In the eight years the Dragons have been holding Team Time Trials, this race attracted the strongest field we have ever seen. Several teams were capable of winning it and there was quite a bit of speculation pre-race about who could win.

Lining up at the start line was the formidable 'Shinkansen' team featuring the ever-explosive Kris Guns, Paul 'Golidlocks' Madden, Nick 'leaving soon (sob, sob)' Adamus and Olaf 'KOM' Kasten - who between them own most of the segments on Hong Kong Island and indeed across most of Hong Kong itself. Definitely the pre-race favourites.

Also assembled were the winners of this year's Hong Kong Cycling Association TTT, Team 6UO featuring Chris Liu, Brian Tam, Ray Chu and Jacky Leung - a well honed and highly effective team, and among the strongest in Hong Kong - but untested on the longer 48km format on offer in today's race.

Under the captaincy of Paul 'can't stop training' Wright, the Dragons men also pulled together the strongest triathletes in the club, with the aptly named D-Team,  that also featured Mat 'Yorkshire bitter' Pears, Ryan 'excellent drafter' Kemp and 'Marvellous' Marcel Guethoff - a formidable triathlete himself who stepped in at the last minute in place of Tom Elliott (an extremely worthy replacement).

Among the pure cyclists, Unfound fielded two teams. The A-team included Dragon double agents Duncan Watt and Peter Hope, alongside 'Big' Dan Falconer and Eka 'Jaggad' Nirapathongp; while Team Bandit featured another Dragons double agent Philippe Cosentino (who learned the route this time), James 'MTB man' Sutton, Unfound bossman Jules Doyle and Romain 'smooth talking' Chappotteau.

The SIRs - who have won this race for the last two years thanks to their secret weapon Henrik 'the Hammer' Pedersen, lined up again with Rupert 'Strava analysis paralysis' Griffiths, Camel 'Lantau Buffalo' Dyrk and Justin 'traitor!!' Baldacchino.

The sole ladies team were the awesome Dragonettes featuring captain Cora 'super swimmer' van Laer, Jane 'I am not fit, but still strong' Griffiths, Mary 'where did those quads come from' Ho and Kate 'new girl' Richdale.

In total 15 teams lined up (full line up here: in what were dryish conditions, with just a little dampness on the roads.

With the Dragonettes going off first and the SIRs as defending male champions last, all the teams departed at one minute intervals, and it was fast from the off.

On the first lap, there was already some places being swapped, but the teams were largely keeping to the order that they set off in.

Wynnie Fung's mixed Team HRCC, surged to the front within the first 6km but with the rest of the field hot on their heels.  

By the time the teams were returning on the first lap, the leaders were Team HRCC, the Dragonettes, Team PAGL Power, Team Anti CPP, Dad Wagon, Team Flanders, The Pacemakers and Team Iggy (who were being blown apart thanks to some super powered surges by Mike Tse and Andres Torres).

They were then followed by the faster teams, who were moving at an appreciably more rapid pace. Team Unfound - Bandit, the Dragons D-Team, Team Unfound - A team, Team Chickenfish (the fastest group of sexagenarians you are ever likely to meet), Shinkansen, 6UO and then the SIRs completed the field.

As expected, it was the second lap was where it all came together and became rapidly clear that the D-Team were moving the fastest through the field - thanks to some monumental pulls coming from Pears and Guethoff, while Kemp and Wrighty were also dishing out the pain.

Shinkansen, who had been passed, were chasing relentlessly, with Madden and Guns in particular forcing the pace, while Kasten and Adamus had looks of pain etched on their faces as they attempted to keep up with their younger team mates.

Team Unfound A were having a great race, until Duncan Watt suffered a mechanical (puncture) and had to abandon. Another casualty was in the all Belgian Team Flanders, with Paul Delwaide being dropped and then deciding that he was better off having a coffee in Tung Chung than completing the second lap.

In the end though the D-team held off all comers, with a deserved victory won out of a combination of pure power and consistency, while the beautifully attired Dragonettes took home the ladies title.

Also a huge congratulations to Marcel Guethoff for breaking the TTT record with a new time of 1.07.10. (

Final standings below:

D-Team (Ryan Kemp, Paul Wright, Marcel Guethoff, Mat Pears) MALE WINNERS
Team Shinkansen (Kris Guns, Paul Madden, Olaf Kasten, Nick Adamus) 
Team 6UO (Chris Liu, Brian Tam, Jacky Leung, Vincent Chung)
Team Unfound - Bandit (James Sutton, Philippe Cosentino, Jules Doyle, Romain Chappotteau)
Team SIRs (Rupert Griffiths, Henrik Pedersen, Camel Dyrk, Justin Baldacchino)
Team Anti CPP (Chi Cheung, Chris Lui, Leo Lam, Pierre Lam)
Team Iggy (Stuart Wong, Mike Fiechtner, Andres Torres, Mike Tse)
Team PAGL Power (Paul McMahon, Andy Wells, Grant Lingard, Liam Bolger)
Team Chickenfish (Andy Jepps, AJ Halkes, Mike Ellis, Jean-Louis Lafayeednay)
The Pacemakers (Anthony Lam, James Byers, Marc Abecassis, James Byers, Marc Geddes)
Team HRCC (Wynnie Fung, Emma Ho, Acura Wong, Jason )
Team Dad Wagon (Thomas Batt, Paul Sandburg, Ric Shadforth, Joel Lieginger)
The Dragonettes (Cora van Laer, Jane Griffiths, Mary Ho, Kate Richdale) FEMALE WINNERS

Team Unfound - A (Ekapak Niraphongp, Dan Falconer, Peter Hope, Duncan Watt) - only 3 finished
Team Flanders (Bruno Accou, Mathias Deferme, Piet Kerchove, Paul Delwaide) - only 3 finished

Great Conditions for the Second Summer Series Tri

posted 8 Jun 2018, 22:58 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

They say that fortune favours the brave and it proved true when the skies parted following a week of incessant rain and provided us with a cool and clear conditions for the second of the Dragon's summer series Training Tri events. 

Around 14 of the 18 registered arrived to find the beach staff hard at work cleaning the plastic and debris from the beach following the heavy rain. In spite of a lot of leaf litter in the shallows, it was a very pleasant swim which clearly suited Adrian Lydiard. A couple of land-loving Dragons decided to substitute the swim with another run leg. We are always happy to accommodate at these events!

Whilst the road was still a bit wet for the first couple of races, it proved to be no hinderance to most although Alex was a little unlucky with his timing on a bus turning in front of him and found himself on the road with a painful looking right elbow scrape. 

In all, it was another great morning of camaraderie with a very friendly and supportive group. 

Many thanks to all who turned out and supported the event. 

Results are attached below. Apologies to anyone who's result is a little mixed up due to timing confusion. 

Paul Mc

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