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Great Conditions for Pre-Phuket Race

posted 10 Nov 2017, 19:35 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

Wonderful conditions prevailed this morning for the Final Dragons race of the season, the Pre-Phuket Triathlon. 
A couple of Dragons preferred to pass on the swim and make this event a Duathlon so the results should not be taken as a true indication of the outcome but more of a guide for the athletes.
This is to take nothing away from a great performance from Paul Wright who put in some "stonking" performances both on foot and wheel to leave his mark on this event and to let everyone know he is in top form for defending his "Beer Mile" crown in a couple of weeks. 
Similarly the other athletes on the course put in some spirited performances in some lumpy surf but cool and breezy road. 
A special mention to Braedon Sharp who appeared to really enjoy the course and looks likely to amongst the top finishers next season.
Results are below.

Dragons ITT sees massive field and the return of Guethoff; Wright and Oh claim Yellow!

posted 4 Nov 2017, 00:51 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 4 Nov 2017, 01:48 ]

In the final instalment of this year’s Dragons ITT competition, we saw a huge turnout in perfect cool, dry,  overcast conditions, with some north easterly wind on the course.

A total of 30 riders were at the start in what is one of the most challenging flat TTs in Hong Kong, as its 3-lap course includes a punchy lump in the middle  of the race, that is designed to disrupt momentum, force greater power and eat into your speed.

Among the starters list were some of HK’s most experienced long course and short course triathletes, as well as some very accomplished pure cyclists.

With the likes of Olaf Kasten, just back from a 10 hour Kona; Peter Hope, just returned from claiming podiums in Tour de Chiangmai; and Paul ‘Redders’ Redmayne Mourad, just back from a sub 5-hour  Taiwan KOM Challenge - it was clear anything could happen. Some of the older campaigners were also clearly up for the challenge, with Paul ‘Wrighty’ Wright eyeing the overall yellow Dragons TT jersey, Paul ‘Boomer’ McMahon, who has been in some great form all season, and Henrik ‘The Hammer’ Pedersen who was aiming to keep proving - along with Boomer - that being over 50 is the new 30!!

Pre-race banter also featured some curiosity about some of the newer athletes on the scene, especially around Paul ‘The Judge’ Sandburg, already known for his explosive power and ability to keep hitting and hitting and hitting and hitting. Ryan Kemp, our mild mannered South African who is known for slaying all comers on Zwift. Ed Chadwick of Team Unfound was also making his Dragons TT debut, and known for his ability to put in sustained power over a long distance, and you could never write off Duncan ‘I’ve got Watts’ Watt, who was riding a recently acquired, very mean looking  TT bike, which he freely admitted was faster than he was!

In the end though, it was the always quiet Marcel Guethoff, who slipped into the starting grid almost unnoticed, who upset the form books. In hindsight, that should never have been the case. Marcel won the 2016 Dragons Race to Enlightenment in another stunning race last year, and although he could not retain his title this year, is well known for his work rate and dedication. 

Even in today’s race, he was still behind Peter Hope on the 2nd lap. Indeed, it looked like Peter was going to take a well-deserved victory, but Marcel in the crucial third lap, clawed his way back and overtook Peter who did not seem to be laying off at all!

An amazing victory and an awesome time of 1.09.26 and he is now one of only two people who have ever gone under 1.10 on this course (the other being record holder Fred Clatworthy).

So huge congratulations to Marcel Guethoff for a fantastic race. Also special mention must go to Paul Wright, another highly dedicated (and increasingly decorated) athlete, who having also competed in the first ITT of the year held in March, took the overall victory as the fastest Dragon over two legs, and of course to the ever dominant Yann Kai Oh, who takes the women’s yellow jersey for being the fastest overall lady!

Full results below: ( Strava takes precedence unless otherwise stated)

Marcel Guethoff 1.09.26

Peter Hope 1.11.52

Ryan Kemp 1.12.09

Olaf Kasten 1.12.24

Paul ‘Wrighty’ Wright 1.12.43

Henrik ‘the Hammer’ Pedersen 1.13.06

Duncan ‘I’ve got watts’ Watt 1.14.11

Ed Chadwick 1.15.25

Craig Wilkeson 1.15.33

Paul ‘Redders’ Redmayne 1.17.08 (non Strava time - can someone teach him please??)

Paul ‘The Judge’ Sandburg 1.18.21

Victor ‘The Cordabator’ Cordoba 1.19.37

Dan Betteridge 1.21.08

Vivek Varadarajan 1.21.55 (non-Strava time)

Paul ‘Boomer’ McMahon 1.22.09 (non-Strava time)

Yann Kai ‘Roinkers’ Oh 1.23.21 FIRST WOMAN HOME

Greg Toole 1.23.49

Martin Wrae 1.24.06

Francis Costela 1.24.37

Philippe Cosentino 1.24.xx (non-Strava time as he managed to take a wrong turning…..?!)

Fabrice ‘Fab Triathlete’ Peyrin 1.26.24

Liam Bolger 1.27.11

Anthony Lam 1.27.14

Nick Kearns 1.28.33

Adrian ‘AJ’ Halkes 1.28.35

Jan Walter 1.29.33

Ian Mcclelland 1.30.05

Mark Stanley 1.33.11

James Billingham 1.35.07 (non Strava time)

Todd Bryan 1.45 (non Strava time)

Laura ‘Miss Gordon’ Gordon 1.47.54

Mixed Field for 5th Summer Series Race

posted 15 Sep 2017, 22:16 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 15 Sep 2017, 22:30 ]

Registrations for this event were a bit down on numbers in previous races but a great range of newbies and experienced Triathletes took to the water and the roads around Shek O for a fabulous morning of racing and camaraderie for the 5th in the 2017 series of Triathlon Training Races at Shek O Beach. 

The absence of some of the stronger triathletes allowed for a different group of Dragons to jostle for position at the front of the field with Martin Bans putting in some great performances on another warm and humid morning in Shek O. 

The ladies had their own challenge going with a strong group being evenly matched and the lead changing on just about every leg. 

A very big thanks to support from Manon who did a fantastic job timing and Sheel and Kris who looked after us on the course by marshalling at the bottom of Shek O hill.

In all a fantastic morning! See you all at the next Summer Series Race on October 14.

Results attached below.

4th Summer Series Race a Scorcher

posted 19 Aug 2017, 04:13 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

Wow! A hot day for the August Dragons Summer Series Tri. 

In spite of this, some of the speedy triathletes recorded some scorching performances on the course. 

Great performances by Iain Veitch, Matthew Pear and Andres Torres at the front of the field but some admirable performances from our regulars and our newbies. 

Please check the files below for the full story.

Third Summer Series Tri in July

posted 15 Jul 2017, 00:27 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

You know if you are fronting up for a race in Mid July that you can expect that it will be warm and that some of the field will be missing due to the holiday season. Bearing this in mind, we had a very keen, high quality field rolling out of bed and heading to Shek O beach for a great morning of Swimming, Running and Riding.
Iain Veitch put his stamp on this from the outset with a blistering 26:51 in race one. Suffice to say he did not drop the pace by much in any of the other 2 races. Andres Torres was the only one to attempt to take the race to Iain. Not sure what happened in race 3? Andres did not pull a 20:09 race out of the bag but I was not doing the timing so I can't explain this at this point. :) 

Great to see the girls out in force this morning! Also great to see them giving many of us guys a run for our money.

The results are uploaded below. See you at the 4th event next month.

SIRs Dragons Canyon take Dragons Team Time Trial 2017

posted 24 Jun 2017, 00:01 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 25 Jun 2017, 06:47 ]

The SIRs Dragons Canyon team, comprising Henrik 'the Hammer' Pederson, Nick Adamus, Justin Baldacchino and Andrew Sharkey took another great victory, against the odds, in this year's Dragons Team Time Trial. The win, in what were unusually ambiguous weather conditions for Hong Kong (i.e. hot and sunny in parts, interspersed with showers and a real downpour towards the end), was by no means emphatic though. 

The hot favourites for the day, the Hong Kong Pistons (Paul 'Goldilocks' Madden, Daniel Betteridge, Philippe Consentino & Jules Doyle) chased the SIRs Dragons all the way to the end, while the relatively new Unfound team (Ed Chadwick, Steve Baker, James Sutton & Duncan Watt) were also hot on their tails.

But the SIRS Dragons victory did represent a partial defence of last year's Dragons TTT, where The SIRs again held off a strong field in extremely difficult weather conditions and Pederson was one of the representatives on that team. And even more impressive was the fact that the winning team probably also had the oldest average age!

After being postponed for a week, and as a result, with slightly depleted numbers, nine teams were still able to line up for this year's Dragons TTT, including an entry from the new force on the HK road racing scene, the redoubtable CCN Foil (Joe Lee, Craig Wilkeson, Camel Dyrk & Andres Torres - who was drafted in at the last minute), who were also capable of pulling off an upset.

The Pistons however were the favourites. All their riders had done extremely well in last week's Hong Kong National's road race, and Madden had taken a great victory at this year's Dragons Race to Enlightenment. However, it was clear as the race unfolded that the SIRs Dragons were never going to make this easy!

All going off at 30 second intervals, with the slowest heading off first, it initially looked like the SIRs Dragons team (who as defending champions went last) were never going to catch the Pistons, but with the determination of some of the wily seniors on the team, and some considerable mental strength, they slowly ground their way in front of the Pistons by the end of the first lap -  but then found it hard to pull away.

By the second lap, the SIRS Dragons, the Pistons, CCN Foil and Unfound were all battling away , and in danger of breaking the no inter-team drafting rule, but on this course, the relentless pace, the unforgiving 48km distance, and the heat and rain that comes with bike racing in Hong Kong in late June were all going to take their toil.

Behind them, team Last Minute (Billy, Kevin, Rockson and Jay) were working to catch up, while Diamond Dogs (Paul 'Boomer' McMahon, Chris' Gunnsy' Gunns, Dave 'Gibbo' Gibb and Stefan Rust) were in their own mini battle with the Terriers (Ashley Dyer, Phil Shirley, Jonathan Perrin & Neil Galliford). Why both the 'Diamond Dogs' and the 'Terriers' chose canine names and ended up themselves in a dog fight (pun intended) was pure coincidence! While the ragtag 'Dodgy Darksiders' (Paul 'Redders' Redmayne Mourad, Max King, Andy Wells & Grant Lingard), were vying to break up the party - and in fact ended up doing so.

The third lap of the 3x16k course was the inevitable decider. Racing on open roads always has its challenges, and so it was just on this crucial lap that a taxi decided to come between the SIRs Dragons and the Pistons, forcing the Pistons to slow up and creating a big enough gap that allowed the SIRs Dragons to increase their lead. Similarly team Unfound were undone by an unfortunate flat tyre, suffered by James Sutton, which ended their team's bid for the race, plus a slip at the last roundabout resulted in a tumble for Duncan Watt. Fortunately he suffered only some road rash. But those incidents gave CCN Foil third place  and determined the eventual outcome of the race.

It was a great day of racing in mixed weather conditions, and tough competition pretty much all the way down the field. Next year, we will increase the intervals to one minute to eliminate any 'accidental drafting'.

Well done to all those who took part and in particular to our fantastic marshalls: Pat Gorta, Janine Denning and Laura, who as usual risked life and limb to stop traffic from intervening in the race!

Full results below (times of 4th rider where available taken from Strava segment:

SIRs Dragons Canyon - 1.11.19
Hong Kong Pistons - 1.11.49
CCN Foil - 1.12.57
Last Minute - 1.17.33
Diamond Dogs - 1.19.26
Dodgy Darkside Riders - 1.19.44
Terriers - 1.22.06
What? It's Draft legal?! - 1.31.38 - FEMALE WINNERS (Yann Kai 'Roinkers' Oh, 'Queen' Mary Ho, Manon Peters & Siobhan McHenry)
Unfound - (only three riders finished) - 1.14.17

Second Summer Series Race Results

posted 9 Jun 2017, 21:52 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 10 Jun 2017, 21:42 ]

What can I say beyond HOT and yet despite this, we got a new course record with new member Mathew Pears, dominating from start to finish! We had 18 athletes on the line - some of whom had traveled as far as DB to get to the south side of HK Island, so extra kudos for them.  We also had some giants of the scene competing including Pears, Andres Torres and the two Oliviers (Courret and Baillet).

 The results speak for themselves, the water was clear, the bike was fast (though increasingly crowded as Shek O became busy) and the run was just HOT.

Well done to all those who participated and in particular to Mat Pears. 26.49 is now the time to beat!

Full results are posted below.

(Adrian Lydiard raced a swim-run (no bike) on the course and Sheel Kohli did a run-bike-run (no swim). So please discount their results)

Great Start to the Summer Series Races

posted 19 May 2017, 22:34 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club

I lack the eloquence of Sheel to be able to type a great race report for this morning's first Dragons Summer Series Training Race of the season but hopefully the results will speak for themselves. It was a great and very competitive field who assembled at Shek O beach in a light rain that keep the temperature down on the run. 
Toby Chu definitely outclassed us all at the front of the field but there was a lot of rivalry taking place behind him.
Interestingly, a lot of the activity responsible for peak heart rate was happening in the carpark - if you weren't there then ask someone who was! Suffice to say it made for an interesting morning :)

The results of the 3 Races are attached to this report. Apologies to anyone who's time may be slightly out. We did the best we could. 

We look forward to seeing you all again at next month's race on June 10.

Paul Madden grabs Race to Enlightenment 2017

posted 12 May 2017, 23:14 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 16 May 2017, 11:48 ]

In one of the toughest fields ever gathered, it would take a special race to win this year's 6th edition of the Dragons Race to Enlightenment, and Paul Madden (Hong Kong Pistons) did not disappoint. Lined up under overcast conditions, with the threat of rain (which thankfully did not appear) was a formidable field including a late surprise entrant from New Zealand Jack Carruthers (CCN Foil), Kris Guns (Hong Kong Dragons), defending 2016 champion Marcel Guethoff (Beyond the Line), and of course the dynamic duo Batman (aka James King of SIRs) and Robin (aka Paul Redmayne Mourad of Hong Kong Dragons). 

There were others also threatening to make an impact include HK cycling veteran Ed Cluer (Colossi) - a very welcome blast from the past - Aron Akesson (making a moonlight appearance representing Sverige), Henrik 'the Hammer' Pederson (Hong Kong Dragons) and Jon Colbaer (SIRs).

In contrast to previous years, this time there was no hanging about, and as soon as the peloton hit Tung Chung Road, the pace picked up with riders contending for position before the Beast climb. The pace was high even as the peloton climbed onto the Beast, and a strong but large front group emerged containing Madden, Carruthers, Guns, Batman, Robin, Guethoff, Colbaer, Cluer, Craig Wilkeson (Lantau Buffaloes) and Pederson.

As the Beast steepened (2.5km at average 10%), it started sorting out the men from the boys. Colbaer was the first to lose the wheel, before Pederson also succumbed. One by one, the Beast started opening gaps between the riders (it also helped that HK's helpful constabulary were also on hand to deter non-permit holders heading to South Lantau,  and at the start drove past us with megaphone blaring requesting us to keep single file)!

At the top of the Beast, the race positions were getting sorted, with a clear group of three riders emerging, containing Madden, Guns and Carruthers with the rest of the peloton in hot pursuit. The dry conditions allowed for some high speeds down from the other side of the Beast but the rolling section before the reservoir did not see much change in position. It would be left - as it always is - to the final climb to the Buddha. Of course on the way, we all had to negotiate traffic lights and roadworks, while trying to keep the crank turning at a 7% gradient, but at Tai O corner, Guns, Carruthers and Madden were still ahead of the field, and clearly eyeing each other, As the final ramp to Buddha emerged, Madden and Carruthers had put a little distance between themselves and Guns, but it was left to Madden - 200m from the top - to put the hammer down, cresting the top at just 8 seconds in front of Carruthers, and becoming this year's deserved winner, with the fastest time ever recorded during the race, and leaving him second overall on the segment behind the formidable Olaf Kasten.

Full listings below, and the segment times are here:

All times are taken from Strava. 

1. Paul 'Goldilocks' Madden - Hong Kong Pistons (love those helmet straps 'pigtails' in the picture Paul) 51 minutes 10 seconds
2. Jack Carruthers - CCN Foil (still a teenager!!) 51.18
3. Kris Guns - Hong Kong Dragons 51.31
4. Marcel Guethoff - Beyond the Line and 2016 defending champion 53.13
5. James 'Batman' King - SIRs 56.36
6. Craig Wilkeson - Lantau Buffalos (no time recorded on Strava)
7. Paul 'Robin' Redmayne Mourad - HK Dragons 56.57
8. Ed Cluer - Colossi 58.26
9. Jon Colbaer - SIRs 58.32
10. Sheel Kohli - HK Dragons 1.03.21
11. Daniel Betteridge - HK Pistons 1.04.26
12. Paul 'Boomer' McMahon - HK Dragons 1.08.25
13. Cora Van Laer - HK Dragons  & FIRST WOMAN HOME 1.09.18
14. Dave 'Gibbo' Gibb - HK Dragons 1.13.05
15. Chris 'Gunnzy' Gunns - HK Dragons 1.13.26
16. Christina Hudson - HK Dragons (no time recorded on Strava)
17. Matthew Laight - HK Dragons 1.13.53
18. Robert Kushner - HK Dragons 1.14.50
19. Gareth Hirst - HK Dragons 1.19.22
20. Ben 'Weekend Vice' McCarthy - HK Dragons (no time recorded on Strava)
21. Aron Akesson - Sverige   (no time recorded on Strava)

Dragons Winter Warriors Duathlon/Triathlon Race

posted 7 Apr 2017, 21:49 by HK Dragons Triathlon Club   [ updated 7 Apr 2017, 22:09 ]

Great turnout for the last Dragons Winter Warriors of the year, before we go into full triathlon mode from next month. For this race we traditionally offer the choice of opting for either a 2km run for the first leg or a 300m swim, and most chose the latter. It's the new members that are ruling the roost and after Jeff Parker's win last month pipping Olivier Courret to the line! This time Toby Chu led from start to finish, chased all the way by Paul Wright, but never really in danger. A commanding performance from Toby. Congratulations! Of the 10 competitors, 7 decided to swim while only 3 chose the duathlon option, which was won in emphatic fashion by Yann Kai Oh. Well done to all who participated. Full results are below. For those who did the duathlon please substitute the swim time given in the spreadsheet with your run time. Huge kudos also to John Pies who is now the front runner for Dragons Marshall of the Year as he employed flashing lights to stop oncoming traffic. Thanks also to Pat Gorta for being our time keeper  extraordinaire!

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