Committee Members

 Sheel Kohli

I love training, perhaps even more than racing. Getting out there in the elements and seeing how far you can go is an important part of it, but so is all the camaraderie and friendship that comes with the Dragons. It’s always great to see old faces and to welcome new members. 



Paul (Boomer) McMahon
A recent change of job and family situation has made it hard to get into a good routine for training. (Probably a situation that resonates with lots of Hong-Kongers!) My goal for this season is to maintain consistent training and racing so that I remain competitive in events. We all have our rivals that we need to finish ahead of :)
Mike Maiers, Treasurer
I have been a member with the Hong Dragons ever since I moved to HK five years ago. Since becoming a member of the committee 3 years ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming and watching current and new members strive to achieve their personal goals in Triathlon and multisport. I am currently a Personal Trainer and come from a track runners background (400m & 800m) and have loved the transition of becoming a triathlete.

David Gibb 
In 2000, my company convinced me to do the BRW Corporate Triathlon while I was living in Sydney. On a dodgy bike, with no triathlon experience, I agreed to join. Fifteen years later, I find myself still doing triathlon having covered all race distances and still love the comraderie and sportsmanship that goes with this wonderful sport that we're all involved in.